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Retro Vintage Hub

retro vintage hub

Retro Vintage Hub

This recent project started as a concept to test several affiliate programs that work with wordpress. Not exactly a basic installation since it incorporates an amazon affiliate plugin “woozone” that works with “woocommerce” the best ecommerce plugin for wordpress. The intro graphics on the front page and the shop page are part of a demo installation that comes with the “total” premium wordpress theme.

Amazon Affiliate

The setup and installation of these plugins can be easily incorporated into a basic wordpress setup but there is a little bit of a learning curve as well as getting approved by amazon to become an affiliate. If you have the time to promote an affiliate site you can make a small income as hobby, however I would not count on it to become a full time job.

eBay Affiliate

There is a secondary setup of “phpbay” to sell products as an ebay affiliate. The same requirements apply since ebay requires you to apply to the EPN (eBay Partner Network) as an affiliate.

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